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Les Nipplerables? Hathaway's dress draws attention

Jason Merritt / Getty Images

A little too suggestive? Actress Anne Hathaway arrives at the Oscars on Feb. 24, 2013 in Hollywood, California.

Is it getting chilly in L.A.?

Anne Hathaway's 2013 Oscars gown went viral the moment she stepped on the red carpet, but probably not for the reason she intended. The Best Supporting Actress nominee wore a pale pink Prada dress which featured rather, well, unfortunate darts.

"My mom says it's business in front, party in the back," Hathaway joked on the red carpet on Sunday.

(More like the other way around?)

Of course, it wasn't long before the unique dress was the talk of the Twitterverse, even inspiring a mock Twitter account (sample posts include: "I'm cold. Would anyone mind if Anne wore the red carpet?"). Others called the dress "perky," "Paltrow-esque" and "leaving little to the imagination," all things which can be viewed as either good ... or bad.

What do you think of Anne Hathaway's fashion choice? Are you a fan? Let us know!

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