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Oscar hair goes to extremes: Sideswept vs. windswept

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Actresses Amy Adams, Sally Field and Amanda Seyfried went easy on the hairspray at the Academy Awards Sunday night.

Hollywood hair was swept away at Sunday night’s Oscars. Some stars opted for wavy, sideswept locks, while others went for the slightly messy, “I’ve-just-walked-through-a-wind-tunnel” look. 

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Other stars, like Jessica Chastain and Helen Hunt, looked nostalgic for old-Hollywood glamour, appearing on the red carpet with sophisticated hairstyles.

Jessica Chastain was the definition of old-school glamour on the red carpet — her sleek hair perfectly paired with her self-described “Happy Birthday Mr. President” mermaid dress. Reese Witherspoon also got in on the look, donning impossibly buoyant curls with not a stray hair in sight. 

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Reese Witherspoon channeled stars of yesteryear with long, perfectly-coiffed locks.

But many stars went to the opposite extreme, like Amy Adams and Amanda Seyfreid, whose hair was casually pulled back. "Lincoln" star Sally Field wasn't afraid to get a little messy either, while Helena Bonham Carter didn't stray from her typically tousled locks. 

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Looking a little taller? Actresses Helena Bonham Carter and Melissa McCarthy arrive at the 85th Annual Academy Awards on Feb. 24 sporting big, bold hair.

And then there's Bradley Cooper, who went for both extremes by pairing his slightly scruffy beard with slicked-back hair that would make Eddie Munster proud.

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Bradley Cooper made his Oscar red carpet debut Sunday night with some seriously slicked back hair.

See the styles Jessica Chastain and other stars wore on the red carpet at the 2013 red carpet.

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