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Butt double! Debate ignites over Beckham's fake bum


The Web buzzed with speculation Wednesday that David Beckham’s latest underwear ad for H&M includes shots of a body double — more famously known as an imposter without David Beckham’s butt.

And Thursday afternoon, a rep for H&M confirmed to TODAY.com that Beckham indeed used a bootie double: "David was very involved in the advert, including doing most of the stunts. Due to his tight schedule, a body double was used in smaller parts of the video."

For those still reeling from the earth-shattering news that Beyoncé did not, in fact, sing live at President Obama’s second inauguration, Beckham using a derriere double might be downright traumatic.

Speculators pointed out Wednesday that, in action shots, Beckham's famous tattoos disappeared. They took to Twitter on the same day that the Guy Richie-directed ad, featuring Beckham running through the streets in nothing more than boxer briefs, earned more than a million views on YouTube.

Twitter users had fun with the topic. Some were upset while others stayed skeptical. And for many, the butt's owner didn't matter.

What did you think? Was Beckham's body his own in the ad, or did he opt for a butt double? Vote below: 


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