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Hot (pink) debate: Michelle, Ann both wear fuschia

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While partisan wags pick apart answers delivered by the presidential nominees, fashion critics are debating the other showdown that took place Tuesday night: which wife wore it best?

Michelle Obama and Ann Romney attended the debates wearing outfits in nearly identical shades of hot pink. The first lady wore a fuschia coat-like blazer over a matching dress, both by designer Michael Kors. Romney rocked a capped sleeve dress in nearly the same hue as her rival.

Whether it was a show of bipartisanship or a tribute to Breast Cancer Awareness month, the coordinating outfits of the first lady hopefuls didn’t escape the notice of debate watchers.

“I think Mrs. Romney and Mrs. Obama texted each other last night #hotpink,” tweeted Alice Mathews.

Ernesto Benavides / AFP - Getty Images

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, as well as United Nations Women Executive Director Michelle Bachelet (photographed in Lima) both chose the hot hue Tuesday, too. Was there a memo the rest of us missed?

“Are both wifes in Mary Kay?” wondered David Sandum, who tweeted about watching the debates from Norway.

Documentary filmmaker Billy Corben tweeted that the women’s similar could make it “tough to tell them apart during cutaways” 

Earlier Tuesday, two other prominent ladies were also looking pretty in pink. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton donned a fuschia top for her meeting in Peru with former Chilean president Michelle Bachelet, now the executive director of United Nations Women.

Meanwhile, back at the debate stage, President Obama and Mitt Romney eschewed the pink and wore traditionally dark suits. But both appeared on stage with a small, albeit fleeting, show of bipartisanship: they switched their tie colors from their previous showdown.

At the first debate, Obama wore Democratic blue tie and Romney, Republican red.  On Tuesday night, the president sported a maroon red tie while Romney’s tie was bright blue with white diagonal stripes.

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