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Amy Poehler tackles the tricky issue of body acceptance


How do I love thee: In her web series, comedian and SNL star Amy Poehler offers smart advice on body image issues.

Amy Poehler: funny, successful, down-to-earth, pals with Tina Fey – the exact person we all secretly want as our BFF.

And now the adorable comedian and mom, 40, just upped the ante by demonstrating she’s just as good at listening and dispensing valuable girlfriend advice as she is at impersonating Hillary Clinton or navigating local politics on "Parks and Recreation."

In the latest installment of her web series "Smart Girls at the Party," Amy takes on the daunting task of helping a viewer with an age-old question: What would you say to a woman struggling with body issues?

In what could have easily devolved into a cheesy, cringe-inducing response, Amy — who sympathizes with what affects nearly all women — gives a thoughtful, heartwarming and surprisingly helpful answer: "Sometimes a good way to help yourself get out of it is to have some gratitude,” she suggests. “If you can go around your body and kind of thank it for what it gives you and thank yourself for your great eyesight, or your thick hair, or your nice legs, or your strong teeth or whatever it is that you have that you were given.”

She wisely points out that it’s best not to focus on the things that will never change, because we’re all different, and we’re not all Gisele Bundchen.

“There’s only five symmetrical people in the world,” Amy confirms, adding “and they’re all movie stars — and they should be, because their faces are very pleasing to look at.”

Amy, who announced her separation from husband Will Arnett just last week, also touches on the subject of love, with the positive attitude of "'There's a lid for every pot,' that's what my nana used to say. And you deserve love and you'll get it."

The response was, as expected, overwhelmingly positive, with YouTube viewers chiming in how “amazing” Amy’s advice is. “I wish someone had told me this earlier in life,” writes one viewer, while another admits “I have a very picturesque single tear on my face. Gawwww, Amy Poehler.”

Watch the video:

Amy, can we be friends?

Rina Raphael is a TODAY.com editor who is still waiting for Tina Fey to accept her sleepover party invitation.

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