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A royal frizz-fixer? Meet traveling Team Kate

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Private secretary Rebecca "Becca" Deacon is just one member of "The K-Team," the staff that keeps Kate generally fabulous.

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Hairdresser Amanda Cook Tucker is traveling with Will and Kate in Singapore. She's said to have a knack for keeping Kate's hair frizz-free.

They've been dubbed "The K-team," by Britain's Hello Magazine — the men and women who are traveling with the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge on this Diamond Jubilee South Pacific tour. A royal source tells me the person entrusted with Kate's tresses on this trip  and keeping her frizz-free in the tropical heat  is named Amanda Cook Tucker. Mandy, as she's called, formerly cut the hair of William and Harry, and is known to be discreet. She has been styling Kate's hair at the Duchess's home recently, when Kate doesn't want to trek to the hair salon she favors — the Richard Ward Salon in Chelsea.

It's been reported that there are eight people who are behind the scenes of this royal tour, to make sure things work perfectly for Will and Kate, including the Duchess' assistant private secretary, Rebecca Deacon. Her official role is to help the Duchess perform her public duties. Known as Becca to her friends, Deacon is respected for her good judgment, and is someone Kate reportedly relies on more and more. In general, Deacon takes care of organizing events, and handles lots of details — she might even carry a spare lipstick if need be. She will be with Kate, in the background but very much involved, throughout this trip.

It's no secret that there's a huge amount of interest in everything the Duchess wears, and a lot of thought has gone into what she brought on this trip. While the amount of luggage on the trip is modest, by royal standards, there is still plenty. My royal source tells me the couple's entourage includes an army corporal who is in charge of logistics — among other things, he makes sure that luggage gets where it is supposed to.

You might think Kate would have brought her own makeup artist along, but she hasn't. Kate took lessons from professional makeup artist Arabella Preston in preparation for the royal wedding, and now takes care of her makeup herself, to get the natural look she likes.

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