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Bobbie's Buzz: Savvy style solutions for phones, babies and more

TODAY style editor Bobbie Thomas suggests fun fashion ideas, such as a company where you can customize your high heel, and reversible onesies that suit both baby boys and girls.

By Bobbie Thomas

From making your smartphone smarter to cute and cleverly-designed baby onesies, TODAY style editor and Bobbie.com's Bobbie Thomas shares buzz-worthy products for everyone:


Pick your own heel height!

Just the right height
One of the most common questions I'm asked by women is about shoes; how to find a wide width in a certain color, where to purchase low-heeled purple pumps or just how to make shoe shopping easier.  Enter ChromaticGallerie.com, a website specializing in a rainbow of basics. They offer up simple yet stylish suede and leather designs, each in 3 different heel heights and 3 different widths, so you no longer have to trek around the mall in search of the elusive perfect pair ($88, chromaticgallerie.com).

Less 'dropped' calls
Smart phones provide us with countless solutions on a daily basis, but one thing they sometimes lack is a good grip. Whether you have an iPhone, Blackberry or Droid, you may be familiar with how easily they can slip out of your hand when taking a picture or juggling keys and a handbag. Thankfully there's FlyGrip, a small attachment that clips onto your phone and rests comfortably between your fingers, providing a solid, single-handed grip ($29.95, flygrip.com).


Smart: Boy or girl can wear this cute romper.

The perfect baby gift, every time
Last but not least, I was surprised to learn that 40 percent of expectant parents choose not to know the gender of their baby before birth, leaving 40 percent of baby shower-gifters in the dark.  But rather than settle for gender neutral green or yellow, you can turn to TwoTara, makers of adorable two-sided onesies, one side being blue, the other side being pink.  There are also fun, dual-tone rompers, baby booties, hats and more ($5-$35, twotara.com).

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