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Heel fatigue? Kristen Stewart's sneakers switcheroo

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Kristen Stewart gets comfy at UK premiere of "The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 1" at Westfield Stratford, London.

Posing with hotties sure must be exhausting. Why else would actress Kristen Stewart change into sneakers at the premiere of “Breaking Dawn”?

The “Twilight” saga star started off Wednesday night in a glitzy J. Mendel gown and Jimmy Choo heels, but soon slipped on black Nike sneakers to make the autograph rounds.

Granted, it was likely due to having suffered a minor ankle wound during filming her latest flick, “Snow White and the Huntsman.” According to press reports, she told reporters “It’s killing me right now,” adding that her shoes felt “not good, horrible actually.”

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Well, that look didn't last long. Kristen Stewart, in heels, poses with Robert Pattinson at the UK premiere of "'The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 1" at Westfield Stratford, London.

(This isn't Kristen's first time at the casual rodeo: she paired a Yigal Azrouel taffeta dress with Converse sneakers at the 2009 MTV Movie Awards red carpet.)

While most of us rarely suffer Hollywood-induced injuries, Kristen’s bold dress-down move sure seems familiar: How many of us have attended a wedding, bar mitzvah or gala and witnessed women slip into more comfortable footwear? Brides are often guilty of this, as they’re forced to endlessly macarena like they’re enrolled in some inhumanly grueling dance marathon. Who can expect them to keep their heels on? At the same time, I’ve heard more than one mother-in-law-of-the-bride exclaim how classless and immature it was to don sneakers at a black tie affair.

What do you think – is there a place for sneakers at fancy events?

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