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En pointe: TOMS to debut ballet flats for spring 2012


TOMS ballet flats will come in leather, suede, leopards, linen and burlap.

TOMS is continuing its world (shoe) domination with another new launch on February 15 — this time, it's ballet flats. The goody-two-shoes line made charity fashionable with its eco-friendly slip-ons, and has since crafted shoes made for walking, hiking, wedging and even weddings. The ballet flats will continue TOMS’ One for One model: for every pair sold, a pair of shoes will be given to a child in need.


TOMS now offers blue suede shoes.

So, does this new line mean that needy children in Argentina will be given ballet flat styles?  Nope — the smarties at TOMS already thought that through: "The shoes hand-placed on children's feet are specially designed for their terrain and their environment," Lizzy Schofding, a spokesperson for TOMS, confirmed. So they'll probably get something much more practical, but for office workers, these flats -- which come in leather and suede in addition to the usual linen and burlap -- are perfect. 

Prices range from: $74-129, found wherever TOMS are sold starting February 15. 

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