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Paper eyelashes: Cool or creepy?


Blink and you still won't miss them: PAPERSELF eyelashes come in an array of designs, including horses, clowns and more.

Their eyes were watching mod?

Mascara  has some new competition: dramatic paper eyelashes, the latest out-there beauty trend. The cosmetic add-ons are far more artistic than their drugstore cousins – inspired by China’s unique papercrafts, they feature symbolic Chinese designs such as horses, peacocks and butterflies. These origami falsies certainly don’t come cheap: Sephora sells the popular PAPERSELF lashes,  described as “jewelry for the eyes,” for $17.

On Tuesday’s TODAY, co-hosts Kathie Lee and Hoda witnessed the accessory on a colleague, and the reactions were less than enthusiastic. “Those look ridiculous,” said Hoda. “Look at them!” Kathie Lee, meanwhile, took umbrage with the practicality of it all: “You’d never wear them to church!” she exclaimed.

In the end, it was decided that such an innovative trend was best left to Halloween. Kudos, however, if you're brave enough to pull them off without beforehand. Just be careful during the application process – we don't envy the paper cuts with those... 

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