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Bobbie's Buzz: D.I.Y summer's hottest trends

TODAY style editor Bobbie Thomas

Whether you consider yourself a "crafter" or not, anyone can pull off these quick and easy fashion-forward ideas. TODAY style editor and Bobbie.com’s Bobbie Thomas shows you how to turn a few overlooked items into conversation-worthy accents.

Trend: Crochet and macrame
Crochet and macrame made a comeback on the 2011 spring/summer catwalks. Rachel Roy, Gucci, Cavalli, Dior and more were full of crafty inspiration. And if you happen to have a doily collecting dust or can score a left-behind treasure from your local thrift store, you’re a quick stitch away from haute couture.

You can use a basic hand-stitch or spray adhesive to update a T-shirt, or literally "try-on" a tablecloth or runner for a creative new beach cover-up. From romantic and feminine to haute hippie, there’s something for everyone. Consider adding length to a short skirt by tacking your trim along the inside of the hem or using a panel to create an overlay, or just arrange assorted pieces for a pretty patchwork look. You could also remove a part of your garment and replace with crochet (the racerback of a tank top, neckline of a T-shirt, etc) to show a little skin.

Trend: Stripes and colorblocking
Beyond the classic navy "nautical" look, stripes are everywhere this season, along with bright blocks of color. Both make bold statements on accessories and are a fantastic way to revive old bags, belts and even shoes. Cut and tie together pieces of colorful string or yarn and wrap a tattered belt, or wind embroidery thread around slim sandal straps for a fun pop of color. It’s also easy to cover a wider belt, flap of a handbag, or clutch with — believe it or not — duct tape. Beyond the basic black and silver rolls you may have at home, you can find a wide array of shades, patterns and even sheets at Michaels crafts stores. I love to experiment with different shades and varying sizes of strips to create unexpected contrast. It takes only a few dollars and just minutes to make an instant update with a striking effect.

Trend: Global accents
A wide variety of culturally inspired jewelry is in the spotlight. Unique patterns, shapes and materials make a less-glitzy statement with everything from fringe to feathers. This casual, handmade feel is perfect for this carefree time of year, and from a few common items that surround you — the possibilities are endless! For example, did you ever think to put those bobby pins sitting in your bathroom drawer to use? Within minutes you could string them together for a chic bib necklace or slip them on to hoop earrings. And you’ve probably hinged paper clips together before, but did you consider wrapping your design with tape (or thread)? If you’re not into DIY, similar creations are selling at major retailers — but many will make you stop and say, “Hey, I could do that.”

TODAY style editor Bobbie Thomas talks about this summer's trends and how to pull off the look by making it yourself.

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