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Are diamonds a boy's best friend? The rise of male engagement rings


If you like him, then you ought to put it a ring on it? Britain's H.Samuel is now selling men's engagement rings.

Look out, ladies: The boys are eyeing your bling.

Men are now getting their very own pre-wedding jewelry, according to Details magazine. Dubbed “mangagement rings,” they have become increasingly popular at Britain’s largest jeweler, H. Samuel, which claims to receive 20 to 25 inquiries a week from women who want to tag their man’s hands as TAKEN.

While the styles differ — shopping site elitegemjewelry.com claims men prefer a plain, gem-less ring — the sentiment remains the same. Both sexes want to mark their territory — with something flashy.  

“If anything can lend this phenomenon more staying power than the ill-fated mandal,” writes Details, “it's that women are beginning to protest at being the only ones identified as off the market. And strictly speaking, they have a point.”

Even certain celebrities have adopted the custom, including Michael Buble, who sported an engagement ring from his Argentinian fiancée last year. “The boy also wears the engagement ring [in Argentina],” Buble said during a concert performance. “That's what she tells me anyway.”

 This mimics other recent masculinized trends, including more men taking their wives’ last names, “mantyhose”and the rise of “dachelor parties” (it’s like a baby shower for a guy, but reversed: Think no gifts, just alcohol and Vegas).

The male engagement ring is also a way to shift relationship power. Take 28-year-old Army reservist Luis Delgadillo, whose girlfriend showed up one day in a truck emblazoned with “LUIS, WILL YOU MARRY ME?” and a white- and yellow-gold band, thereby taking control of a situation that romantic comedies have taught women to wait out. “I was playing with the idea of proposing to her, but she just kind of took the initiative,” Delgadillo told Details.

Whatever the reason, it’s clear that diamond marketing is wildly successful. “Push presents” for new moms can now top over $250,000 and “right hand rings” — unlike left hand rings — are bought by women to “celebrate their individuality” because, well, just because.

Is this a great new way to celebrate life’s achievements? Or is it just a way to sell more jewelry?

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