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Scaled up: Snakeskin slithers into manicures - for a price

(Christine Holding photography)

It’s a handbag staple, but is it fit for your nails?

One adventurous mom gave snakeskin a new spin when she molded the exotic print for manicures. Creator Terri Silacci didn’t have to look to the wild for her idea – she was inspired by her own kid, who brought a snakeskin home from science class.

"One snake’s trash is a toenail’s treasure," Terri said of the new technique, available at her Monterey, Calif., salon, in a TODAY.com interview.

To be clear: No slithering pets are hurt in the beauty process. Terri uses real skin that was naturally shed and left behind by a healthy (and unharmed) reptile. After gathering the remains, Terri hand-cuts the skin to fit the client, delicately adheres it to the nail and coats it with Bio Sculpture Gel, which is then hardened with a dryer for a patterned manicure that can last up to three weeks and a pedicure up to 12 weeks.

"I find that the initial reaction from people is that’s weird, that’s disgusting," said Terri. “And then they say ‘I want it. And I want it right away.'"

The cost of the hiss-terical service, which takes a full two hours? A whopping $150-$300. You can experience it vicariously through our intrepid TODAY style editor Bobbie Thomas, who tested out the new technique in the video below.

Would you get this snakeskin manicure?

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