$1 million watches and more: Neiman Marcus luxury gift catalog is out

Ginger Reeder of Neiman Marcus announces the company's annual fantasy gifts, showing off a mini farm, complete with real hens, a handcrafted wooden tailgate trailer, and a special edition McLaren convertible.

Luxury retailer Neiman Marcus rolled out its annual holiday catalog Tuesday, and the priciest gift this year is a pair of "his and hers" timepieces for just over $1 million from Van Cleef & Arpels.

The watches depict a tale of lost love on the faces and come with a trip to romantic Paris and Geneva. 

Dallas-based Neiman Marcus is known for featuring expensive and often outrageous "fantasy gifts" in its Christmas Book. The 86th edition also includes a red special edition McLaren 12C Spider for $354,000, a hen house inspired by France's Versailles palace for $100,000 and a walk-on role in Broadway's "Annie: The Musical" for $30,000. 

Neiman Marcus

These his and hers watches are the priciest gifts in this year's Neiman Marcus holiday catalog, starting at $1,090,000 for the pair.

Those with smaller budgets can take heart, though — almost 40 percent of the items offered in the catalog cost less than $250. The cheapest item is a $10 monogrammed mug. 

The "his and her" watches each show a scene from the love story. One depicts a scene of a woman on the observation deck of the Eiffel Tower, gazing toward Notre Dame. The other watch features a man on top of Notre Dame looking toward the Eiffel Tower. 

"It's a classic love story. Boy meets girl, a romance is sparked, but fate has intervened and they are separated, but both are left longing to find one another," said Marisa Neira, watch product manager for Van Cleef & Arpels. 

Neiman Marcus

This French-inspired custom-made hen house can be yours for a mere $100,000, $3,000 of which will be donated to The American Livestock Breeds Conservancy.

The watches and the trip cost $1,090,000. While in Geneva, buyers receive a tour that includes the Van Cleef & Arpels watchmaking workshops. 

Ginger Reeder, Neiman Marcus' vice president of public relations for Neiman Marcus, said the fantasy gifts are a nod to the spirit of the holiday season and the fantasies children have about what they want for Christmas.

"All we've done is notched up what's on the list or what's available to be on your list," Reeder said.

Other offerings include a $90,000 gaming machine, a $150,000 woody tailgate trailer complete with a sound system and stocked bar, a $99,500 water-propelled jetpack, a $250,000 private dinner for 10 featuring four famous chefs and a $70,000 piece of art by Robert Wilson that features a video portrait of a snow owl.

All nine of the fantasy gifts are paired with a charity that will benefit from their sale.  

Neiman Marcus

For 86 years, Neiman Marcus has offered one-of-a-kind holiday gifts in its yearly Christmas Book. This year continues the tradition of extravagant gift possibilities costing up to more than $1 million, including a walk-on role in "Annie: The Musical."

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i'm just wondering how many people with no money to spare, but will go to places like this or another over priced place like Hermee's, that place in Boston where i did the electrical installation and while working there, the gc was walking around with one of head cheeses talking about the lighting and where they wanted some lighting focused, on a men's under wear display, here i was wondering what kind of underwear is it that they want to have special lighting on it, well special it was, $250.00 a pair kind of a special,

and society has the idea to claim people can spend their money on what ever they want,

well yes they should be able,

but when they are the types that spend their money on things like this, then when they need a person who actually tries to earn a living to do a job for them and they cry and complain about how expensive that person is, those clowns should also get slapped on a daily basis until they have had all the stupidity is removed.

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I totally agree!

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    I agree with this line that the cheapest gifts bring the closeness between any relation but I don't think so that the above two watches shows the scene of the love story.

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      I agree with this point that the cheapest gifts bring the closeness between any relations but I don't thing so that the above two watches shows the scene of any love story.

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