Updated: Your ugly and funny Christmas sweaters!

We got so many fan submissions that we had to include a round two! Inspired by the TODAY talent's brave foray into holiday sweater couture, fans of all ages sent in their photos of knitted Christmas masterpieces! From light-up sweaters to bright red vests, check out the very best submissions:

Submitted by Shervin Nakhjavani

Never trust me with your Christmas lights.

Submitted by Rachel Pintarelli

Rockstar Catering Company's Jeff Green with Capone

Submitted by Kirsten Marshall

We sent this to all of our family and friends for Christmas this year. Dad is wearing a genuine wool sweater from his grandfather, Glenn.

Submitted by KC Fletcher / UGC

The Fletcher family in Redmond, Washington.

Submitted by Alexia McAllister / UGC

Company wide ugly Christmas Sweater Contest

Submitted by Shelly Hussey

2nd Annual Hot Lunch Lady Ugly Sweater Contest

Submitted by Stacey Molter

Office Staff of Burlington Ear, Nose & Throat Clinic, PC in West Burlington IA

Submitted by Shelly Walker

Ugly sweater contest at AV High School.

Submitted by Courtney Lowery

The Lowery Family says "Howdy Ho Ho Ho" from Tyler, Texas!

Submitted by Samantha Wolfe

Our church group had an ugly Christmas sweater party! These two were voted the "winners!"

Submitted by Jane Haines

Andrew in The Christmas Story leg lamp sweater. Shawn in a Musical Snowman sweater vest.

Submitted by Linda Saenz

Chewy in his annual Christmas picture, bringing smiles to everyone.

Submitted by Laura Berry

Charles and Laura Berry at an Ugly Christmas Sweater Party! Laura's sweater is quite "angelic" with bight gold tinsel with silver tinsel stars accenting the sleeves, neckline and waistline!

Submitted by Ashley Fluty

2010 Ugly Christmas Sweater Party. Even our new puppy had an ugly sweater.

Submitted by Samantha Wolfe

Our church group had an ugly Christmas sweater party and even went out in public in them to embarrass ourselves!

Submitted by Eric Haverstock

This was our top three winners from our First Annual Company Ugly Christmas Sweater Party/Luncheon.

Submitted by Kim Butorac

Annual Trashy Christmas Party at local bar in Minneapolis.

Submitted by Holly Shirkey

Ugly Christmas sweater party! I made this myself.

Submitted by Mary Ice

My brother had an ugly sweater party and had this great backdrop so that we could take pictures!!! I couldn't just sport the sweater, I had to go all out from head to toe!

Submitted by Carla Aponte

At our annual Ugly Christmas Sweater party.

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TODAY's Savannah Guthrie takes a look at the trendy new tradition of wearing horrid holiday sweaters and the booming business it's created.


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    Reply#1 - Wed Dec 14, 2011 3:02 PM EST

    It is funny to think that ugly Christmas sweaters used to be a curse that reared its ugly head every year, now there are parties with ugly sweater themes and it is cool to don the ugliest sweater. Ha, love it!

      Reply#2 - Sat Dec 17, 2011 7:51 PM EST

      My parents have been wearing ugly Christmas sweaters/sweatshirts for years. Who've thunk they were actually trend setters.

        Reply#3 - Sun Dec 25, 2011 10:54 PM EST

        Get your 2012 Ugly Sweaters at Jingleballz.com 7 original over the top and inappropriate Christmas Sweaters.

        "Ugly is the new Black"

          Reply#4 - Wed Dec 5, 2012 11:54 PM EST
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